be a tour guide
be a tour guide

Starting a business will take so much more than just a great idea. Before starting a business, you’ll need extra funding to get your ide off the ground. While the opportunity, passion, time, and determination also play a role in business.

If you don’t have extra funding yet to start a business, you can start some low-cost business ideas below:

Make fan art

If you can draw nicely, you can make fan art and sell it to the community. Maybe you can draw some of Korean Pop singers or celebrity athletes and make your drawing into souvenirs like keychain, postcard, or notebook. Then you can sell those souvenirs to community or fans club.

Start a podcast

Today, people start listening to podcast about daily life issues. From politics, sports, hobbies, to distinctive case like feminism, podcast is always on. Once you have grown your listener to the big number, you can start bringing on some premium sponsorships.

Be a freelancer

start a low cost business freelancer
start a low cost business freelancer

If you have skills in writing, editing, video production, marketing, and more, start to be a freelancer. You can work for an advertising agency, production house, consulting firm, or common company. Make your best quality portfolio to make your client interested to you. Search freelance job on sites like Upwork, LinkedIn’s ProFinder,, or

Be a tour guide

This job is perfect for travel enthusiast or if you live in somewhere with frequent travelers. You can start your own local tour business by learning first the knowledge of the area you live in. Then you can join with restaurant near tourist attraction to get discount for your driver.

Do you still need formal school to learn about business? Enrich your business learning with Top Business University Singapore. A well-known SIM University Singapore will give you the best learning experience in business field.


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